Solar power enables water treatment in remote locations

Solar power enables water treatment in remote locations



Many critical habitats and waterways are in remote locations, posing a challenge for cleanup efforts when electricity is required. Alternative energy sources now make it possible to bring the benefits of new technology and solutions into these areas.


Solar power is a key energy option for these regions. As sunlight hits solar panels, the panel technology converts this energy into power. For around-the-clock service, batteries store energy for power when the sun isn’t reaching the panels.


Premier Materials understood the impact its KRIA Ionizer’s EcoSOAR technology could have on impared waterways in remote areas, so it sought a power solution for these locations. The company partnered with KMH Systems for its solar power electrical supply trailer solution.


The KRIA Ionizer can be loaded onto the trailer for easy transport to the destination. Depending on available space, the machine can be set up either on the trailer or at the water’s edge.


In addition to high-efficiency polycrystalline solar modules, the trailer includes deep-cell industrial batteries to enable 24/7 operation. It is an environmentally friendly, noise-free and emissions-free power source that allows organizations to clean waterways, wherever they’re located.

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