EcoSOAR Water Treatment System

The Solution for Today’s Water Pollutant Problems


Machine Specification:

51.18" long x 29.5" wide x 29.5" high

1003 lbs.

Negative Ion Capacity:
2,100,000 / cc (cubic centimeter)

DO (dissolved oxygen):
Levels can be modulated to achieve the desired level

Power Source:
220 Volts, single or three phase (uses less than 2250 watts / hour)

3 Year, Limited

Finance Program Available:
5 years

Life Span:
10 years plus


Negative Ion Capacity & Specifications:
(Fresh or Salt Water)

  • New Generation Ionizer (Effective November 2015) treats/cleans water body “3 Times” faster than the first generation Ionizer. Means your cost is 1/3 which equals an 300% ROI.
  • Ions Produced 2,100,000 / cc (cubic centimeter)
  • Ions Spread Speed 500 feet / day in calm water
  • Ions Travel Distance 5000 feet in calm water
  • Ions Depth Travel 330 feet in calm weather
  • Ions are active and continue to clean for 7-10 days

Solar Power Electrical Supply Trailer Specifications

  • Trailer Transport Dimensions: 22 ft. long x 8 ft. wide x 6.5 ft. high
  • Trailer Deployment Dimensions: 22 ft. long x 12.5 ft. wide x 6.5 ft. high

Acceptance / Approvals:

Florida Department of Environmental Protection (1/31/13) Division of Waste Management has accepted the KRIA Ionizer for the remediation of petroleum and other suitable contaminants in groundwater and soil via both in situ and ex situ applications. Complete report available upon request.

Custom 5 Year Finance / Lease Program

Available upon request for qualified applicants.

Patented in Japan and United States