EcoSOAR Water Treatment System

The Solution for Today’s Water Pollutant Problems


SO Effect

Superoxide Anion Radical (SOAR) Effects On:

DO (dissolved oxygen)
Significantly increases available DO in the total water column to reduce eutrophication as well as address contaminant concerns. DO (dissolved oxygen) levels can be modulated to achieve the desired level.

Cyanobacteria / Algae
Reduces formation in water bodies.

Phosphorous / Phosphates
Reduces phosphorus in the water body while stimulating aerobic bacteria to use phosphorus in the sediment.

Nitrites – Nitrates – Ammonia
Supports the natural nitrification process.

E-coli, Coliforms, Enterococcus, Salmonella
Eliminates the harmful bacteria.

Anaerobic Bacteria
Reduces anaerobic organisms as it shifts the environment to aerobic (high oxygen) conditions.

Sediment Pollutants
Cleans the sediment as far down as sediment is wet for the SO to travel.

Oil / Fill Spills
Provides oxygen to promote aerobic degradation of organic compounds.

PCBs and Dioxins
Shows promising results in the reduction of PCBs which are persistent in the environment.

Most Metals
Will oxidize metals – once oxidized, these metals become less biologically available to living organisms.

Zebra & Quagga Mussels
Will reduce or eliminate them.